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NFL Flag Youth Football Lakewood (Fall) and San Pedro (Spring), CA

Team Sponsorship Form

Team Sponsorship ** DUE 9/20/20**

Our league does not require candy/raffles/car washes as some leagues; instead, we require a company Sponsorship to help offset the costs to parents. The registration fees for PICK6 does not cover all of the costs to participate, and this is where the Team Sponsorship picks up. Many employers participate in local sponsorships, so if any additional information is requested for PICK6, feel free to contact us at: [email protected].

Teams will not be issued jerseys until the sponsorship form is completed and all sponsorship money is turned in.

What is the Team Sponsorship used for?

Items like team medals/trophies, playoff/championship fees and equipment incidentals are purchased with Sponsorship monies, so these funds are critical to the performance of the league.

How much is the Team Sponsorship?

Currently, each team has a minimum $75 Sponsorship requirement. As compared to other local leagues, our requirement is significantly lower. Some leagues require a $250+ per team sponsorship. All Team Sponsorships to the league are non-refundable.

How does my team go about getting this Team Sponsorship?

Gaining sponsorship can be as easy as visiting a local establishment that you frequent, and asking them to fund your teams’ requirement. Some parents work at companies that also sponsor; please check with your Human Resources department. Generally speaking, companies like sponsorships because they receive a tax deduction for giving them. It is also a good way to keep costs down, and free up time for busy families from having to pay a higher registration fee, or doing candy/raffle sales. If at anytime, an establishment needs something in written form about PICK6, please contact us at: [email protected].

Can I "buy-out" of the Team Sponsorship?

If your team does not want to get the Team Sponsorship, your team can unanimously decide to buy-out. The requirement must be equally divided among parents, and paid by the due date -- check with your coach for this date. Remember, everyone on your team must agree to this.


Team Sponsorship form below:
Team Sponsorship Form Lakewood 2020