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NFL Flag Youth Football - San Pedro (Spring) and Lakewood (Fall)


Just a few things that we received from parents over the past 8 years about our league.

"Win or lose, they have fun running around and learning more about football. They have a great time and have become more confident in their abilities and knowledgeable about the sport."

"Enjoys being part of a team. Cool jersey's. Fast action, lots of scoring."

"He loves to compete and loves the idea of playing on a team and being with his peers."

"He likes the team spirit and fun of play. He gets to play even though he's not the best player."

"He just loves it! He is excited every Friday to play. He loves learning actual plays and then running them during the games."

"Everything is well run. Good officials, respectful parents, good kids. I'm very happy."

"My boys are having fun and that makes parents happy!"

"All of the kids get to play in a supportive environment."

"The league is extremely organized, well run and very communicative to players/parents!"

"Can't wait for Spirit Week next season!"

"Great coach, loves playing with friends and truly loves the sport. It gives him an outlet to shine in."

"The coaches are very encouraging to the kids. They take the time to explain to the kids what they need to do."

"This league gave my son some confidence within himself athletically and has opened his eyes to a sport he at one time had zero interest in."

"It is a laid back environment and there is no pressure from the sideline parents. All kids really get a chance to play. This has been great!"

"The league is very organized and the fact that it gets all kids to play no matter what level."

"Well organized, promotes fun and good sportsmanship."

"It's well organized, the coaches are great and the kids love playing."

"Thanks for bringing this option to San Pedro!"

"I would like to thank the league for enabling our kids to have fun."